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Why clip an image?

If an object or person has been clipped, then there are many additional features available for design and web. These extra features are important for a webshop in which all the images are displayed on a white, or other colour background. Clipping an image is often the base of other image editing processes such as colour editing, styling & retouch, shadow, invisible man, etc. 

Also, the products in the webshop can be presented nicely and in a uniform way by aligning height and width. This can be set by choosing the white margin option, which will then make your webshop clear and attractive. Also, clipped images are important for a leaflet or magazine designer. The designer then has extra options for manipulating the images. Placing images next to each other or on top of one another, the placing of text next to the image, and the use of different backgrounds. Other possibilities are to place products without shade in a folder in order to add a shadow to them later.

What is a clipped image?

Clipping an image means removing the background of the image. Studio-Online can do this in different ways. Depending on the type of image, different techniques are used to create the correct result. Clipping paths, Alpha channels and layer masks are examples of this. There is a big difference in complexity. Some images are easy to edit with a clipping path; for example, a ball is not a complex shape. Highly complex images are, for example, christmas trees, wild hair and cycling. For this type of work, we prefer to use layer masks or Alpha channels to keep every detail.

No worries

Our professional teams are available 24 hours a day. We process thousands of images for our customers every day. From retailers to webshops, from publishing houses to individual photographers. Quality and reliability is important for our customers, we live up to our reputation every day. Is your job simple or complex? At Studio-Online, you can be assured that each image is processed according to the highest professional standards and within the deadline.

Save time

By using the smart web application developed by Studio-Online, image editing has become even easier. Years spent developing the web application has ment that it has become indispensable for our customers. In this environment, you can easily:

  • upload and download images.
  • choose from different types of processing operations such as clipping, creating shadows, retouch and invisible man.
  • enter and save specific requirements for your following jobs.
  • See clear overviews with delivery times and costs.
  • make use of our payment module. Payment after receipt of an invoice is also possible for larger volumes.
  • receive detailed invoices.


Our service team consists of highly experienced professionals who would be happy to work with you. You can call, e-mail and even visit our studio in Amsterdam. We would be happy to hear from you and discuss your requirements so that your objectives will be fully achieved.

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