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How does Studio-Online meet its CSR responsibilities?

Studio-Online pursues an active policy with regard to Corporate Social Responsibility. What does this actually for Studio-Online? I. Studio-Online (and our affiliate company in India) complies with the OECO guidelines for multi-national enterprises (see also: www.oesorichtlijnen.nl). II. The International Marketing Expedition (TIME), part of the University of Tilburg, was commissioned by Studio-Online to conduct a large-scale study on the corporate social responsibility of our affiliate company in India. The study report is available for inspection at our office. III. Studio-Online refers to the Dalit Discrimination Check. This is a study carried out at our affiliate company in India. This study has been selected by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to demonstrate corporate social responsibility in India and is specifically aimed at international businesses in India. It also pays a lot of attention to the discrimination of the caste system (www.humanrightsbusiness.org). IV. Finally, Studio-Online continuously develops the knowledge of her employees and our partner company. The Indian staff are trained via company visits, as well out of our Dutch headquarters (via phone, Skype and email), in order to meet the quality requirements of customers in the Netherlands. Furthermore, we are extending our business activities and are also training our Indian employees. For more information on this topic, please contact Gabrielle Berkhout (tel: +31 (0)20-2442540 /gabrielle@studio-online.nl).

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