Collaborating to create beautiful magazines

ELLE, Quote, ELLE Décoration, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, …

Our collaborations with some of the top magazines in the Netherlands are something that we are very proud of.
Our developers have finetuned things with Hearst so as to make our collaboration as efficient as possible. Images are submitted for editing and then sent back with just a few clicks. We also do efficient, affordable editing on all clipped images, and our studio in Amsterdam is engaged for any special image processing needs.  Things can get very hectic near publication deadlines, but thanks to our efficient approach to clipping and the personal attention given by our studio team, these magazines are able to entrust us with their entire image processing load.

The target audience of these magazines has high expectations in terms of the quality of both the texts and the images. Together with the art directors and graphic designers, we make sure that all of the images look fantastic.


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