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Thanks to our professionals


Thanks to our knowledge & experience


You can count on us

Short lines of communication

Efficient workflow

What’s your story?

Every company or organisation has its own story. We can help you really hone in on what your particular story is, and then come up with a creative concept and suitable format to wrap it all in: video, animation or a mixture of both. We’ll guide you through the entire process from beginning to end, and stay on top of things throughout the production process so that the final video truly encapsulates what we decided on together at the start of the process. The result is a beautiful, efficiently produced and attractively priced brand video.

Brand movie/Corporate movie Promo/Aftermovie Product video Animation Other services

Brand movie/Corporate movie

A corporate video or brand movie is like your company's shop window. It showcases who you are, what it is you do, what values you stand for and what your mission is. Studio-Online creates videos that are not only visually appealing, but also have real substance. Together, we will create an inspiring video or animation that looks great and will have a lasting impact on anyone who watches it.


If you want to draw attention to a particular product, mission or event, a promotional video is just the thing. A short, captivating video is the perfect medium for you to clearly get your message across and get viewers on board with what you are doing or selling.

Events, lectures or presentations, whether small in scale or featuring thousands of attendees... Studio-Online has lots of experience with creating mood videos to capture an event. We can create an interesting aftermovie showcasing the highlights, or record the whole event. Anyone watching the video will feel as though they were in the room themselves!

Product video

A product video is the ideal way to introduce your audience to your product in a convincing way. With video your viewer gets more connection with the product. In your product video you can show how your product works, what it looks like and how you possibly assemble or connect it.

'How-to' video/Tutorial

‘How to’ videos are incredibly popular. They make for an ideal way to quickly explain something and reach a wide audience. We will help you package your message in a clear, concise, attractive manner, to be featured in a one-off video or a series of videos.


Animation is increasingly used in corporate communications. The advantage of animation is that you can determine both the story and the style completely from scratch. It is the best way to package your message clearly, concisely and attractively. A trend at the moment is mixing video and animation. The cinematic feel of video combined with cool animation accents.


Companies and organisaties have begun to opt for (documentary) series more and more these days. This is a great medium for showing the progress being made on a large-scale project, showcase a series of testimonials, or present a campaign in multiple episodes. Storytelling and human interest are the main focus in these kinds of series, because the stories and experiences of inspiring individuals tend to stick with people. Sharing content that your target audience identifies with on a regular basis will help you create a strong community. On top of that, using a serial format has financial benefits as well. The more instalments your series has, the lower the rate we charge per episode!

Other services

Want to reach a large group of people with your presentation in one go? Organise a webinar! The live interaction with your target audience will enable you to communicate the necessary information to them in a very targeted, specific manner.

Green screen:
We can shoot green screen either in the studio or on site at your place of business. We can then add whichever background or environment you like in post-editing. This is perfect for when you want to record, say, a winter sports tutorial in summer.

Whether you need a big or small studio, no worries - we have an extensive network and will be able to find the studio that best suits your project.

How is it done?

We are highly experienced creators with a passion for visual storytelling and an eye for our clients' needs and wishes. Our main focus is always finding what suits your company or organisation best. Every project has its own project manager who knows you and is there for you to communicate with directly. We are all about quality, efficient production and speedy delivery.

1. Briefing

The process starts with you answering a few questions, after which we will provide you with a quote to give you an idea of the costs involved.

2. Message

Once you've accepted our proposal, it's time to get to work. We sit down together to really hone in on the message you want to put out there - what, exactly, is it that you want to share with people, and what kind of sentiment do you want viewers to be left with?

3. Concept

We come up with a creative concept and select the visual format that will best suit your needs.

4. Production

Now the time has come to actually make the video! During the production process, we keep a close eye on content and continuity, so that the final video truly encapsulates what we decided on together at the start of the process.

5. Submission

Once the video is finished, it is sent to you on the agreed upon date. Naturally, we are able to provide you with various modified formats for different online channels.

“Schiphol is building the airport of the future. A unique project with one major challenge: the airport must remain open 24/7 while the new building goes right through it. We have chosen this field of tension as the starting point for this docuseries.” Building the airport of the future / Video Studio-Online

Case: Schiphol

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