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Colour Processing

What is colour processing?

Our team has a great deal of experience and are in a position to help you with both simple and complex operations. We can correct skin tones and enhance images so they can be used in your magazine or website. We can also change the colours of your products so you do not need to take a separate photograph for each different-coloured product, ensuring a consistent look. Look at our regular services and rates for an explanation of each service, or call us in Amsterdam for more information.





Get the most out of an image. Appearance is very important for the presentation of your product. Regardless of the intended use, images are becoming increasingly important. The Studio-Online specialists assess your images and adjust numerous aspects, such as white balance, colour cast, saturation and sharpness, where necessary. Achieving more confidence with the same picture while remaining recognisable, that's our mission.





Skin tone

Adjusting skin tones requires a lot of experience and understanding. The professional Studio-Online image processors edit the skin tones with great care and subtlety. It is not uncommon for there to be several people on one page in a magazine. These people are usually photographed separately, which results in a restless image when they are put together. In order to fix the skin tones they are brought together with subtlety.





Colour change

Colour change of products is an excellent alternative to photography. Sometimes, not all the products are available for the photoshoot, or it is too expensive to shoot all the colours. In the case, changing the colour is a good choice; very often it results in a better image then the photography itself. We require you to upload a digital colour preview to act as a reference. Then we can ensure the colour is accurately applied to the original image. To ensure the quality of the colour change, we detach the images. The result that you receive from us is a detached image with a colour change. If desired, the image will be the correct size and in the right file type.

  1. Upload high resolution images to achieve the best results, this will ensure excellent quality for the colour change.
  2. A grey colour is the best starting point for a colour change. All the colours are shared in this such as blue, purple, yellow and black. This maintains the structure of the material. If there is no grey colour in stock, we can decide on a different colour to act as the basis for the colour change.

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