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Invisble Man

Invisible Man

This technique is used for fashion product photography. You can use a dummy, dress it up and then take your photographs. Then you take photographs of the parts lost behind the dummy, for example, the inside of the shirt collar or the inside of the trouser belt line, which will be added to the photograph of the garment later. The effect is a garment that appears to be worn by an invisible man.






Automatic image matching for a montage? Give the images that you want to appear in the montage the same name as the main image, followed by a dash or underscore and an incremental number (up to the number 10), for example, orangeshirt-1.png, orangeshirt-2.png, orangeshirt-3.png The system is case-sensitive. Our system now automatically recognises that you want to match these images for a montage. Match images manually for montage? Upload your images and drag them, in step 2, on to one another. Our system will use the images that have been dragged on one another for the montage.

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